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The Bottle Opener 2

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This design is retired. See our new Bottle Opener 3.0 HERE

If you are familiar with Discommon, you’ll know that our primary work is as a design firm and we use our “Discommon Goods” products as our creative playground where we can flex and hone our skills.

Opener 2 embodies that ethos perfectly. We were developing a concept for a large luggage firm that involved stitching through metal when we stopped and thought:

“Well that might be a pain in the a**

“We better try it”.

These have been a real challenge for us, but a lot of fun. The linear machine lines over the faceted body were tricky in titanium. Titanium is “gummy” as a material so we really had to dial in the machining process.

The leather was in theory, simple, but we are folding an organic material over a 3D form and hoping that sub-1mm laser-cut leather holes line up with machined holes in the titanium. They didn't, for a long time. Hix Design worked with our CAD team to dial in the laser cutting profiles and then hand-stitched the leather as they do with all their work.

We think you will love the tactile feelings you get holding these pieces - grip from the texture, silkiness from the coating, softness from the leather, and a nice little thumb recess to allow you leverage on your favorite beverage.


Color: Orange and Vapor Honed Titanium
Color: Orange and Vapor Honed Titanium