Automotive Legends

Certain projects start as ideas that accidentally cement themselves in your mind. If you don't give in and realize them, you risk insanity.

6 years ago we started playing with iconic vehicle “speedforms” for a furniture comission. Now we’re embracing the love affair with these shapes building a family of products.

Wall Art

The 90s saw supercars at their prime. Face-melting performance and a true focus on driving experience.

We’ll revisit this era without a doubt (CLK GTR - hello?) But this initial trio captures the design majesty of the time, not to mention the tech.

Groundbreaking homologation (GT1), genuine F1 tech on the road (F50) and the simple absurdity that the quad turbo v12 EB110 even saw production.

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Bespoke Furniture

The original thought was a vehicular shape emerging from liquid metal. We thought, "we could machine that, but it would be crazy". We'd be removing almost all the material from a 4 foot long, 4 inch thick block of aluminum, leaving a vehicle proud of the table surface.  We'd have to commit 50 hours of designer time to model it first and then the same amount in texture development. It was a ridiculous proposition, so we did exactly that. 

We have decided to execute a series of 10 tables: We will make each vehicle only once and you the client pick the vehicle (including planes or ships!). After deposit, we will begin the painstaking modeling of that vehicle. 

You will be involved throughout the process, picking surface finishes, working on a texture plan, approving the vehicle design and finally picking the hard anodize color. 

Serious enquiries only please: Tables begin at $20,000 USD for full aluminum and below you will see our first machined walnut iteration at $17,000.