Corporate Gifting Solutions

Everything that comes from your brand matters. Every touchpoint should communicate the essence of who you are as a company.

Discommon was founded in 2014 to solve a problem: to bring beautiful, luxury-grade designs to life. Since then, we’ve worked with some of the top brands in the world and have earned a reputation for designing and producing to an unwavering standard of excellence.

Discommon is synonymous with distinction and when you put your logo on an item we’ve designed and produced, you get the advantage of delivering our superior perceived value to the recipients of your gifting program. 

Our agile team has proven itself time and time again to be a frontrunner in the design industry, all while offering the advantage of turn-key manufacturing services. Using our global network of suppliers, we take your ideas from “what if” to “what is” in a seamless, cost-effective process. 

We’ve streamlined our sourcing and production so that the cost to you is minimal while the quality of each item meets premium standards. In other words, we’ve mastered the art of maximizing the impact of every dollar.

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Why choose Discommon for corporate gifting?

We are a trusted partner, design house, and supplier. This is our livelihood and we take every project personally, fighting tooth and nail through every step of the process to meet your budget, timeline, and quality expectations. 

Our size is your advantage.

The agility of our team means there are no internal hoops to jump through—just an all-hands-on-deck mentality with actual boots on the ground walking you from the idea phase to the finished product in a box with a barcode, ready to go.

We work in tangent with a reliable network of suppliers and have an overseas quality control presence that guarantees one thing: Discommon delivers. 

We were born to solve a problem.

Discommon began as a design and manufacturing firm challenged to solve one problem: to make an idea really real. Too often, top design houses create renders of beautiful designs that check every box except one: the ability to be manufactured into something that actually exists. We know theory only takes you so far. Reality is our end goal. 

What you see is what you ACTUALLY get.

Today, we have evolved to be ⅔ engineering and ⅓ design and deliver limitless concepts on par with the top design houses in the world, but unlike design-exclusive firms, we ensure that every render is manufacturable as designed

A 48-foot-long aluminum Concorde in a 5-star hotel?
We delivered.

An FDA-approved suite of medical accessories?
We delivered.

The world’s most badass hipflask for one of Scotland’s oldest licensed distillers?
We delivered.

We’ve been trusted by some of the world’s top brands to solve their toughest problems.
And we’ve delivered. Beautifully.

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