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The Bottle Opener 3.0

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The Bottle Opener is back but with an entirely new design and manufacturing process. 

We could write some kind of BS salesy thing about ergonomics or the intuitive thumb depression and tail weight distribution or we could tell the truth in that we designed an ultra sexy shape nodding to the hips and curves of the prettiest supercars. 

Think of it as both a functional tool and a micro piece of sculpture art for your bar / kitchen. Because having a drink should never just be...having a drink. 

It's heavy—we cut a tool and are casting these—this is a serious piece of kit that you could throw through a window if that becomes a requirement in the rowdy confines of your basement pub. 

The hard chrome finish is indeed very hard, but we're sure it will develop some nicks and dings over timeembrace them.

Color: Satin Chrome and Teal
Color: Satin Chrome and Teal

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Michael Elfström

This is the second iteration of the 3.0 I purchased. Needed one for the summer house as well! Still at awe when I handle it! Pure pleasure!

Great Opener

Nice substantial weight. Feels great in the hand. A useful sculpture.

Too much

Quality: too good

Price: too cheap

Team: too kind

Feedback from users: blown away

General consensus: keep it up!

Roberto M
Best artifact right now in my bar

As always, an object crafted with super high standards, at a GREAT price in my opinion. Relly impressive in person.

Jack M.
So smooth

As a former beer salesperson who sold more than half a billion barrels of beer, I felt I deserved the world’s most sensual bottle opener on the planet. I bought three as I was smart enough to know that I would have to be prepared to give it away when someone saw it and pleaded with me to get them one. Yes, it looks better than the pictures. It is satisfyingly hefty. It also work quite well for opening beer bottles. That’s important too. How often have you seen something that looks fantastic but fails to be reliable? This is no exotic automobile; it’s better because it never will break down, but looks and feels great. But why am I bothering to entice you? They are sold out.
Oh, and the carrying case is a nice bonus.