Iron Mando, But Make It Bronze

As if the porcelain edition wasn’t far enough off the deep end, Neil had the bright idea of trying to execute the helmet in cast bronze. This allowed us to explore even more new processes. Kevin took our original 3D CAD file of the helmet and brought it into a digital sculpting software where we began really characterizing the surface in a way that the patina bronze surface would highlight. Note the scar across the eye and all of the surface imperfections. This is the battle-worn, lived-a-hard-life version.

We wanted the pattern to pop in polished bronze, so we raised it a couple of millimeters from the surface, allowing the artisans in the casting facility to patina the whole helmet black, then come back and aggressively polish all the raised surfaces.

This will be strictly limited to 25 helmets at $2500 and should be reserved via emailing us.

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