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Wet Glass

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The greatest Negroni ever made. At least one of the oldest...

We're never settled here at the HQ, from currently developing our own coffee through to new massive sculptures, we're always moving. As most of you know, one of our "anchors" is the after-work Negroni. Fuck the fact that they are in fashion right now, this has been a staple since Oakley was bought in '07 by an Italian firm and I started traveling there every few months. 

During our Macallan projects years ago I got to know a whisky collector who owns a major Madison Avenue rare spirits boutique. I tasked him with finding exemplary bottles of Negroni ingredients from private collections in Italy. We have succeeded. 
In what I hope can become a recurring event, we're having an evening where we will crack the bottles and craft an aged Negroni for everyone—it's sure to be a talking point in any future cocktail discussions. 
For this first event, we're keeping it simple and just covering raw costs, but we have made some fun "accoutrements" that you will get to take home with the drink. We'll also have plenty more "normal" Negroni ingredients and one other aged surprise should you require more...

After purchasing your "Wet Glass," you will receive a link to download a digital ticket. Keep this handy for entry to the event. 
Event Date:
Thursday, April 18
6:30 pm
Event Location:
Discommon HQ
Greenville, SC
Exact address available on ticket after purchase.

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Cody Childers

Thank you so much for the great night of community and exploration. Can't wait for the next one!