Discommon Goods

The Bottle Opener

$140.00 Currently Unavailable

Must a bottle opener hide in a drawer?! Faced with a crowded market full of simple 2D bottle openers that get tossed in a drawer or worse, lost, we wanted to create a piece of functional art - something to be coveted and gifted with pride. 

Inspiration is everywhere: On a vacation to Costa Rica, we found a local hand-made bar of soap in a hotel room that had the most incredible fit in the palm.  Immediately we set about redesigning and refining it to create the finished piece we have here. 


  • Distinct shape and sculpted pattern design
  • Detailed bone lines for structure, ultimate grip and comfort
  • Hand-chiseled aesthetic machined by CNC heads
  • Machined aerospace aluminum
  • Underneath the base – a flat ‘coin’ is shaped from brushed stainless tool steel, featuring a chamfered edge to help hook any bottle cap with ease
  • Highly sought-after Timascus + Damascus steel will be available in quantities of 20
  • Made in California
Color: Champagne
Color: Champagne