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The Wallet 3.0 Bundle

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The 3.0 Bundle: Get one of every color of our third-gen Wallet.

Because there's no such thing as too much of a good thing. We're offering a bundle of three of our Wallet 3.0s so you can collect one of each color. After all, once this generation sells out, it's gone...

To shop individual wallets, see the Wallet 3.0 listing HERE.  

Dating back to our launch in 2016 with our first gen thermoformed wallet—stemming from a chance encounter with an old friend at a Hong Kong-based tech manufacturer, the stitch-free style of wallet is not only our defining cult item but one of the ones we're harassed most about! 

Gone for a few years we're back—a new design, new features, and re-engineered, The Wallet 3.0 is here. Top grain nappa leather, micro-suede interior, and a new more complex forming that allows a little "flip lip" to assist in opening. 

We killed the RFID blocker in this generation, there will be a groan from some, but it compromises the durability and all of them are mediocre in their abilities in such a small wallet. Fuck mediocrity. 

For the newbies—this thing is SNUG. Lighten up your life, 3 cards on either side. You don't need any more.

Product Specs

We sweat the details so you don't have to.

Product Dimensions

3-5/8 in. wide by 2-5/8 in. tall

Material and Features
  • Thermoformed stitch-less shape
  • 2 card pockets (comfortably fit 3 cards each)
  • Card pocket openings have been refined for better insert and removal of cards
  • Opening lip added to aid in better ease of use
  • Genuine leather outer
  • Micro suede inner

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Slim, Sleek, & Original

Great product that constantly garners compliments in all colorways. Solid construction and extremely thin profile in the pocket. Looking forward to future Discommon products.


Best product, best service, nonstop compliments

Noah Reiner
Crushed it again! 3.0 is the best yet :-)

Quality, fit, and finish are all at the fantastic level expected of everything that comes from Discommon. Leather is soft and will patina beautifully over time. Perfect tool to simplify the EDC to the necessities while maintaining enough room for all your cards. Whimsical interior colors reminiscent of vintage sports cars bring a fun twist to the subtle exterior accents, while remaining classy. 10/10 recommend, already loaded mine up into 3.0 from my workhorse 2.0 and have been told I am now the VIP of gift giving by two lucky friends who received the others in the bundle.

Will B.
Fantastic Wallets, Three Times Over!

I've loved & daily'd the discommon wallets for a long time now, to the point that I'm stockpiling them for the future. It's hard to do simple things elegantly, and Discommon doesn't disappoint here. And getting the 3-pack with all the fantastic colorways means I don't have to choose!