Discommon Goods

The Straight Razor - Titanium

$1,200.00 Currently Unavailable

This Straight Razor was an exercise in excess. Titanium billet undergoes a remarkably careful machining program, designed to create a micro texture over the whole surface, providing grip in the wet. The machining takes over 3 hours per side.

The finished parts are de-tabbed, hand-finished, and then polished in the only Magnetic Levitating Polisher in the United States. 

We paired the titanium with a strikingly beautiful hand-ground blade by Joseph Bowen and our friends at This Is Ground in Los Angeles made us a custom leather and felt carry case.


  • 6/8 Inch Blade height
  • Z-FiNit blade steel is a nitrogen steel - a family of steels that offer extreme corrosion resistance
  • After water jet profiling and surface grinding, Peters Heat Treat achieves between 60-61 rockwell hardness on the blade
  • The unique "dual concave grind" blades are hand ground by Joseph Bowen in his signature style, with enough concavity to still allow traditional honing (the "step" tapers to zero at cutting edge and the concave keeps it off the stone)
  • Final hone is completed at Razor Emporium by Eric Engle to ensure a shave ready razor is shipped out.


  • 20 highly exclusive custom straight razors
  • 10 featuring a milled carbon fiber handle
  • 10 featuring a milled medical grade titanium handle
  • Carbon handle is hand sanded, buffed, and waxed
  • Titanium handle has purposeful machined texture for grip
  • Custom titanium hardware and phosphorous bronze washers
  • Anodized, laser etched, CNC milled aluminum spine spacer
  • Hardened steel stop pin holds blade in desired position to prevent dulling blade when closed