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The Divot Tool

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Our first take on the classic golf divot tool/ ball marker combo. Aesthetically not our most aggressive silhouette, this is the one where we kick ourselves for not being in stores (yet) where you could feel it. You will 100% smirk and nod when this nestles into your hand.

Possibly the only thing more satisfying than landing one squarely on the green is getting to whip out a divot tool to repair the indentation. We've taken that experience to an entirely new level by designing this piece to be both a functional tool and a micro piece of sculpture art. Strikingly heavy in the hand yet it still disappears in a pants pocket. 

What about the single-prong design versus the more common two-prong designs? Fun fact: single-pronged divot repair tools are actually the greenskeeper's preference, as two-pronged tools tend to damage the root system of the turf much more easily. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Brett Harmon
Nothing short of amazing

Lifetime golfer. Never have seen a divot tool of this caliber. Everyone is blown away with the quality. Hoping to see many more golf related goods come out of Discommon HQ.

Michael G
Best Divot Tool and Potential Defense Weapon Against Green-side Geese

I look far cooler than my friends do when fixing divots. I enjoy the single tine, rather than double or more. It's too bad I only hit about half the greens in regulation. Small details!

Michael Elfström
Pure joy!

As all things made by discommon, this is a wonderful mix of functionality and art! A perfect match in feeling to the newest bottle opener. The magnetic marker will never fall off by itself, since the magnet is steady. A joy to use!
This is the best there is.