Discommon Goods

Porcelain Helmet No. 1

$950.00 Currently Unavailable

Let’s get this out of the way. THIS WAS NOT meant to actually fit on your head. Somehow we made it large enough that by (joyous??) error, this may actually fit your head. We do NOT recommend putting it on without a nearby hammer to smash it off. BUT, if you do put it on, share pictures 😏.

We’re taking a guess that this collision of art and fandom will sell out to our loyal Instagram followers who have walked the journey of this madness with us. What happened? What is this? Is it Mandalorian? Iron Man? What are you doing!?

It’s art - joyful, unexpected, cool, art. Put it on display and watch the conversations start.

*Pre-sale items are excluded from all discounts. This sculpture is in production and will begin shipping in October.

The Making of Iron Mando