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The Accomplice

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The icon returns. Your weekly demanding emails worked and The Weekender returns, now affectionately named The Accomplice. We knew the bag was very good, but we never thought it would develop the cult-like following it has. The Accomplice is a fitting name after the years of global adventures these bags have seen, it really is the perfect companion for all potential mischief. The Accomplice is now lighter and leaner - retaining one side laptop pocket, the other was removed, drastically reducing weight and leading to a much slimmer side profile.

The journey of The Accomplice Began almost 8 years ago with soft-goods expert, Kyle Pennell, a friend from founder Neil Ferrier’s time at Oakley. The two started penning their ultimate take on a no-gimmicks rework of the traditional staple. Along the way, the project died twice: once after a disastrous attempt at manufacturing in Taiwan (let’s not discuss that) and once when we were employed by Shinola to partner in soft-goods design.

We persevered, and here we are: The end result almost perfectly matches the original drawings, and we couldn’t be happier. Ferrier is constantly on the move for client meetings or vehicular adventures, and the bag was imagined with some simple but critical adaptations to the norm, allowing “at-hand” access to a number of storage areas.

The bespoke Discommon D-Ring hardware in the handle denotes the front end of the bag. There you will find the #dumpslot. It’s a simple pocket with single-hand access and securing, but it pops open to allow you to dump all the contents of your pockets in the airport security line. It’s not rocket science, but it’s hugely convenient. The convenience continues in the large top-surface main opening and the two zippered pockets for valuables—one lined in felt for the serious items, like a watch.

Color: Wolf Gray
Color: Wolf Gray

Product Specs

We sweat the details so you don't have to.

Product Dimensions

20" long x 10" wide x 12" tall

Material and Features
  • Full Grain Grey Leather created with a 120 year old family owned tannery.
  • Bag constructed by Korchmar Leather Specialty Co - one of America’s oldest briefcase manufacturers.
  • Custom designed and cast Discommon hardware.
  • Riri composite zippers (scratch resistance).
  • Designed with accessibility in mind. Pockets exist where your hand naturally falls.
  • #Dumpslot is a simple but critical feature built for that approach to the X-ray in airport security. It allows you to dump one-handed the contents of your pocket into an easily secured storage compartment.
  • Zipper pockets in an uncommon position on the top opening flap allow easy access to storage for valuables. One pocket is further enhanced with padded felt for jewelry / watch.
  • Laptop pocket lined with impact resistant shear thickening foam.
  • Ballistic nylon underside so you don’t worry about wet / dirty ground.
  • Shipped in custom packaging including cotton Discommon sack that doubles as a laundry bag

The icon returns


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Awesome travel bag

I have been following Discommon for years and this is my first purchase from them I couldn’t be happier. I’m a stubborn carry on only kinda guy and I can fit at least a week’s worth of clothing in here even though I wouldn’t recommend it. Can’t wait to bring this around the world with me.

Adam Westland

Such an amazingly built bag. Had been looking for something like this for ever and am so happy to have it!

Martin Eber

Quality leather and production, beautiful product. Can’t wait to make many years (decades) of travel memories with it!

Tate Askew

I am extremely happy with my new leather bag, The Accomplice. The attention to detail is unsurpassed. It is obvious that countless hours went into the research and design of this bag. Zippers, hardware and leather are all of the highest grade. I love the dump pouches on top and in front for cell phones. Wallets and passport when going through security. Very well thought out. It is truly a forever bag for me. I Love it!! Thanks. Tate Askew

Roberto Marquez

Great product! Support team and Neil were super helpful and responsive throughout the process! Hyper recommended!